challaha for shabbat″

youtube offers various youtube clips to teach you how to bake a challah  for shabbat. 

Interesting to note that Ch-allah, had the Arab word for G-d  within it “Allaha”, a fact that perhaps some Orthodox jews might not find a source of joy, but for me it is once again,proof of a UNITY within the Universe.

Challah is a spiritual work, one of the three commands given to women, to bake this special bread and serve it for the blessing ceremony, “the kiddush” on Friday night which evolved in Christianity to the bread and wine sacrement by the priest but the Jews, the old testament people  recreate what the christians do at church at home, and since i have stopped affiliation with a local   Jewish community, the home became the center of the jewish life we practice so little but yet not less meaningfully . 

In every religion the family unit is central and so the challah carries the blessings the mother recites as she makes the bread and there is a portion given away as to declare that there is ONE God that is responsible for everything we have, all that is given is not from ourselves but from a higher source and we are diminished . 

Being humble is a concept that is central to a person practicing a belief system that places  one God in the center. 

Who would have thought bread could have so much significance ? But if we look back at biblical times and before that, when farming first began the wheat is essential, and so is the fruit of the vine , that is blessed at the sabbath meal. 

I chose Susan’s simple recipe at the end, simply because it was the right amount for only TWO challah breads , not several, i am not feeding an army, just a small simple sabbath meal for few chosen family members who look forward to a humble but tastey meal. Potatoe kugel with a vegetarian protein source , a nice vegetable soup and a good desert. 

Writing about cooking is easier than doing it, but some will claim the opposite. 

A good sabbath and a wonderful weekend to all !

Enjoy the food and do not forget to give thanks for all you  have by recalling how it got to the table.

Here is a story that goes along with the challah; a story for children i recall from my own childhood , and one of my favourite stories to tell my children, in hope they would learn the lesson of cooperation …


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