“Such is the way of the world that we promise but we do not keep the promise. ”

Unfairness and injustice: such is the way of the world 

“Unless you are willing to accept that life is both fair and unfair , we will not be strong to accept that life is both fair and unfairness. ”

Remain open. 

Life is unfair, some people are born rich, some people are born poor, the strength of life is ACCEPTING  that life is unfair.

You should learn how to welcome .

You must be so full that nothing will disturb you, therefore learn to accept. ”

A.- What is your attitude ? Is your attitude of acceptance?

If you are not accepting, you will be unhappy for everything

If you have an attitude of acceptance, you will be at peace at what is.

B. What is your belief? If your belief that life MUST be fair, then you are in conflict with life. The wisdom of life is how i can use what life be, not to be a victim of life.

Fairness and unfairness is God’s way of polishing you , making you more beautiful.

Unfairness in life makes you more humble.

When bad things happen to good people, they become better.

C. What is your commitment in life? Is your commitment to complaining ? or is your commitment to rejoicing .Are you committed to grow?

D. What is your daring energy in life? If you have the daring energy you will not be a prisoner of like and dislike. Like and dislike are only external.

Leave your personal agenda and look at the cosmic agenda.

Unfairness is unfair according to my interpretation .

It is like a child that if forced to  go to school , but when the child grows up seeing the big picture of life , that god brings me problems to humble me not to tumble me.

Life becomes a mantra, a tremendous celebration !

Interesting enough as i was thinking about my challa baking for Friday night Jewish Sabbath i ran into the former owners of the Jewish bakery, orthodox jewish woman and her daughter who had taught my son in preschool . My son was a toddler, too young to go to preschool and one day he came back and told me the teacher had slapped him, this was denied but he never forgot it and every time we would walk pass the school he would remember that..i felt very bitter at the time, very angry, and i could not contain that years later i met the woman, she remembered my youngest son name, not the son she had slapped, he was a different type of child, he was more easy for teachers, sat quietly , was angelic with his curls and better adjusted. Years later, when we spoke about what our children are doing; hers are in Jerusalem studying in religious institutions , mine are in Switzerland near by me, working and studying in secular swiss institutions. I told her how well they are doing proud. I told her about the challa bread baking. I just prepared a wonderful challa for my son who is coming for the sabbath. It was insensitive perhaps, her children are far away, but life is unfair, sometimes your children are near, sometimes they are far, perhaps she is thinking her children are more near god, but in any case, life is what it is. I always look for meaning and notes from the universe, like sending me the bakery woman when my thoughts were about baking bread of spirituality, a bread that would express my connection to a belief system i do not often follow.. sometimes we find signs according to the belief system but it does not mean the signs actually exist..



I am finding a definite connection between the various spiritual teachings, because i do believe that the world is ONE. 

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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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