Watch “Oil-Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies // vegan, gluten-free, healthy” on YouTube with yoga !



I wanted to bring some cookies to my spiritual advisor for our meeting today but i forgot to buy butter or margerine  so i searched on youtube and found this vegan cookie recipie:
1cup of cornflakes
1cup of rolled oats
1/4 cup raisins
1tsp. Cinnamon
Maple syrup
I did not have so i substituted   a dark honey i had.

oops i forgot the baking powder but IT WORKED anyway

and i mixed with my faithful wooden spoon , so much more fun and very good against built up tension the yoga won’t cure..

Baked in the oven -middle temperature
Set the timer :
Did my 20 minutes basic asana Sivananda daily .
The last 5 minutes before my breathing exercises i went to the kitchen and turned off the oven.1621590d32f0f22b3f567db6f808d377images-181

I was always a skeptic when it comes to vegan baking
No eggs?
No oil even?
But i had my morning chai with one of the cookies
It was delicious and did not fall apart.
I  had bought commercial brand oatmeal cookies last night
Not trusting i would manage to bake good enough cookies but no need!
I wrapped them up in a freezer bag and saved some for son-shine
Whom i shall see tonight for our Friday night  meal.

Now all i have to do
Is the rest ..

Peace love and light

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