Watch “Rabbi Benzion Klatzko: Can Jews Missionize to the Gentile?” on YouTube

Words glossary:
Hashem-The name-G-d ‘s name in Jewish sources and conversations.
Yid-jew(not always a nice term.)
Moshe rabenu-Moses our teacher
Chocham-wisemam or elder
Maarat hamichpala-the cave where the Abrahamic fathers and mothers are buried in Hevron.
Kiddush hashem-blessing of G-d.
Frum-observant jew.

The rabbi asks:
“Can we have a president of the United States who does not feel for another?”
This lesson was given when Bush was in office ,now that one listens to the speeches made ,it is clear what a particular presidental candidate is missing:empathy.
It is all too easy to make political promises but to many of us it is clear that if one can not feel for a foreigner,if one declares “put America first”and ignores US role as leader of the free world,all is doomed and this person can not be called a friend.
Whatever the results will be,i think it is important to remember to do your own part to try to be more friendly towards others.
I love the bumper sticker idea
And the stories.
The Rabbi always brings incidents from his own life which is what makes his talk honest and authentic.

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