The Case Against Reality – The Atlantic
When i was a student of Psychology at the university ,i had absolutely adored cognitive psychology!I adored the articles,felt a total “high”and loved the way the professor,an older very cynical man with a dry sense of humor taught the subject.
We had an open exam ,which i prefer. You either “got”it or not but what i liked most are the discussions with my study partner,a young religious woman who had children already though not older than me but her mind was very powerful and quick.
I  feel though my mind slowed down since having had children.sort of prioritizing emotional issues.
“mush brain”some researchers call the mindset of a mother of a newborn but this and other findings in psychology are really the results of belief systems.
If you believe you are,you are.
Reality ,i find,can be in a bubble.
“It is what you think it is ” in a nutshell.
while i enjoy reading a good  mind stimulating article every now and then,i dislike to argue with the ideas and long for the emotional side being safely calmed down in yoga philosophy articles where the goal is transcendence;becoming a released being .
Poets and Yogis understand themselves too but they add a pinch of lovelyness..somehow.

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