Breaking news: Swiss humour exists..(? !)

After the US elections had ended , or the US ended, depending on whether you are an optimist or not, i have decided to add a new category to substitute  all the energy spent on The American presidential election no longer valid. 

The Swiss media can be found online which makes it easy to share and all i have to do is  read,  select , translate and share. 

Today, i decided to skip what the swiss think..and focus on humor through images .I did translate some jokes that are just a random selection of swiss jokes published on the  evening free press everyone seem to be reading on the train in the evening on their way home :

The swiss are obsessed with collecting “things” , here is a  bathtub duck collector  who probably did not have  more  space  at home for his ducks collection  : ( could this also  be  possibly a solution for the refugee housing issue? )Silifebuzz-5371ba59bebaf68b531e1c67e2e4e13d-limit-2000


The swiss wolves are in danger of getting shot by the farmers, here is one escaping

using the Swiss efficient public transportation !


The swiss always love laughing at other nations and especially “the Amis” as the derogatory  name they   call the Americans goes..

I think this picture is definitely worth 1,000 words ..


Chickens are called “poulet”-the French word- in Swiss German- the Swiss farmers pride themselves on treating the animals well..sometimes  more like pets. page-24-mediumWumo: the animation below

How breakups would look like without Facebook..

Angry woman : “Harald, why did you break into my new boyfriend’s house and what do you want with his old school photos?”


joke no. 1 – Donald Trumpish

A pair of rabbits escapes a dog and hide in a hole in the ground. “And now?” complains the

female,  the male takes the female and says : “Now we wait till we are enough to overcome”

Joke no. 2-typical swiss stereotype – busy cleaning

Lisa cleans the window and sings joyfully to herself. suddenly her husband stands behind her and says “You should have told me that you are  singing .”

“why?” asks the wife, “I have been oiling the balcony door for the past half an hour”, answers the husband.

Surprise: that joke also reminds me of Donald Trump.

I think the Swiss think a lot like Donald Trump; a wife cleaning, rabbits mating..



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