Why I remember Kristallnacht — The JPost

Having read that,i do think refugees of all ethnic origins are a tragedy and a shame for all humanity.
Interesting to note the jews ,as far as one can generalize were nonviolent throughout history ,not even defending themselves against violence ,when living in Europe and only in Israel,back home, has self defense finally begun;a combination of accumulated history of being victims and a feeling that there is no other place they could call their home.

Interesting enough when comparing to Moslems living abroad,the radical Moslems took to violence while living amongst other nations,which is why i always felt the pity for the masses of Moslem refugees should also have a word of caution about the process of fraustration and rage amongst  some Moslems living abroad seeking to varify  their ethnic identity through violence against the host cultures.
At the same time GENERALIZING all Moslems is just plain wrong.It is just a tendancy of certain ethnic groups to act in violence as an act of resistance rather than assimilation or submission ,it therefore must be a task for Moslem leaders abroad to be aware ,admit and be alert for this tendancy in order to ACT against this sort of tendancy rather than express anger the host countries of refugees are not overjoyed to
receive them.

In the case of jews -they were thrown out and attacked because of  deep rooted historical racial hate ,but in the case of Moslems ,the reaction of the host countries is a combination of racial hate,general xenophobia and experience made again and again of violence erupting as a result of resentment of radical Moslems towards their host cultures.
There is never justification for racial hate and generalizations but the  leaders of communities Moslems living abroad should be aware that the actions of radicalized Moslems will have an impact.
Violence against random  civilians
will have a reaction which is bthe right wing politicians rising unfortunately for everyone  everywhere  these days.
There are too many comparisons that omit the roots of the hate towards the foreigners. When the foreigners of a specific group engage  in random acts of violence ,it influences attitudes in every society but if the Moslem leaders care about the members of their community,they need to act to stop radicalization.when they do not,the host cultures become radicalized too.
The  cycle of violence ends when people become more aware and then accountable to the actions of the members of theit group by speaking out against random acts of violence.
Random acts of kindness would also help.

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