Rioters call for violence, rape as election backlash continues – Arutz Sheva

Last night was a meditation for inner peace,today a hike to an ancient 800 year old tree that is said to have healing properties.
But the road to hell is after all paved with   good  intentions..
And so a mind full of media EXPLODES ,not only in the USA.
Seeds of violence and negativity planted in the American soil.
After news of a rise of hate crimes;swastikas painted,white supremacy slogans drawn as graffiti reported by the Israeli left leaning
The right leaning Israeli online paper http://www.arutz
Writes of the plight of the Trumps,raging masses call for the rape of the first lady,the right wing paper is clearly shocked people protest the racist sexist also antisemitic content of the Donald Trump campaign. Donald Trump jr. Compared to media’s handling of his father to being sent to the gas chambers. Where are the German laws that prevent any public devaluing and cheapening of the holocaust?
The many contradictions of Donald Trump’s blatantly racist campaign do not register as also antisemitic despite the countless antisemitic comments and clearly not jewish values of racism and bigotry made by president -like chocking on a bone-elect Donald Trump.
“The end of the world”says the cover of the German liberal magazine “Der Spiegel” showing Donald Trump as a meteor hitting the planet earth..
The Swiss keep a neutrality,showing a tired exhausted Uncle Sam ,a tall  old man overburdened by the various election issues by both Clinton and Trump.Swiss psychologists analyze Donald Trump as a narccisstic personality disorder but meanwhile the Israeli  media chooses sides:
According to the right wing Israeli media Donald Trump,laden with promises of recognizing Jerusalem and biblical places as part of the tiny Jewisg state,can do nothing wrong and is a victim of radical left liberal bullying.
A  7 year old child is kicked out of his home for supporting Trump..calls for violence mock liberal values.
The left Israeli media,what’s left of the left,is horrified by antisemitic violence,a 80 year old orthodox jew is attacked for being mistaken for  a Trump supporter and antisemitic and racist slogans appear overnight.
What is “reality”?
Philosophers may argue but the media presents what better suits their agenda;
Trump is the victim according to the right wing.
The minority groups are the victims according to the left leaning media.
As a  reader of the  daily Israeli media i see the bias in selecting information but am aware racism is not new in the USA ,America was never completely cured of racism but now seems as good a time as any to give the swastikas and graffiti headlines.
Donald Trump who blames minorities for all that is wrong,scapegoating the foreigners can not be the creator of the  ugly racist scenery,but neither is Donald Trump an  innocent  lamb. Not after years of sexist,racist,arrogant biased experience.

Should you read the media or not?
Here in the heart of Europe most people express horror and no one local  is fond of Donald Trump..this cushions the Swiss sense of superiority  at being so much better immune to racism ,except when you look at laws banning Moslem headcover and buildinv  mosque towers and complaints about the foreigner so similar to Donald Trump’s expressed views,it is difficult to distinguish the two..
The Swiss  sense of pride does not allow them to admit any tendancy towards racism,they just limit intake of refugee,make laws outlawing jewish and Moslem slaughter and have amnesia regarding their history during ww2 forgetting their contribution to labeling jewish passports with the letter “j” thus ensuring the majority of jews would be trapped within the Nazi death machine in Europe unable to travel.

Israeli media is facinating to watch. The journalists have been generalized as left leaning critical of the goverenment but then come the right wing media praising ceaser ,a.k.a Donald Trump.The new messiah ,according to the ultra orthodox who see human beings as mere instruments played by a mysterious G-d so that even the evil play a role in the drama of humanity.
Leonard Cohen left the world before his home would be surrounded by demonstrations and life all around him be set on fire by left and right.
“We are here to improve the world”said Cohen who moved between Buddhism in his later years but buried according to orthodox religious jewish burial  rituals according to his last wish.

Honor is given to those who honor,scream the masses dishonoring with shocking slogans.
Protest is legitimate and necessary but the limits of sanity are being pulled and pushed and so the media world dances between shock,horror and passimism to optimism.

It has always been a mad world but it seems that the pandora box once opened releasing the demons,can not be easily shut close again.

It is a good time to express these absurd times in words,songs and images.
Wishing ;


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