The roots of the healing tree


This 800 year old tree grows in Switzerland celebrated for its healing properties..its leaves are used to brew calming tea.
It was here the victims of the plague were brought during the middle ages.
Lovers met.
Court house meetings held.
New born babies blessed.
Men proposed marriage to their future wives.
The agitated sat struggling to find inner calm…

After having spent 20 minutes leaning against the tree ,meditating,taking in its energy,i ran into a Swiss woman ,grey hair ,the sign of rebelion against social norms of pretend  fake color.My national identity sparked a discussion during which the woman in the light green jacket had  expressed anger at Israel.
She claimed she had visited only Palestina,the west bank,denying the existence of Israel which was to her angry settlers,enemies of the poor palestinians only trying to grow olive trees whose only voice was violence.The green clad “humanitarian”justified violence by the oppressed Paleatinians as their only means to be heard.
The green clad humanitarian had  begun laughing a cynical mocking laughter as she went on to list the many sins of Israel personified in Nethanyahu.
She thought the holocaust was 100 years ago therefore irrelevant but the paleatinians were denied the rights to their land and therefore must engage in violence. Terror against anyone was justified by her.

The healing powers of the tree evaoprated into thin air.
My rage erupted;Donald Trump victory on the annual day of kristalnacht ,racism,hate and violence suddenly merged into the laughing woman in green.
I reminded her of the Swiss initiative to mark every jew ‘s passport in Europe with a “J” ,i reminded her of Palestinian corruption and the treatment of gay,alternative,women,anyone who disagrees by Hamas but of course the woman in green was not listening ,she was too busy hating people and loving Palestinian olive trees. As if trees had a nationality. It was the  image of the poor Arab farmer versus the wealthy land grabbing jew.

Empathy  only for  the Palestinians and none for the Israelis because images engraved deeply by media and by the palestinian authority painting themselves as helpless victims whose only choice are molotov bottles.
I thought about the tree who lived through 800 years of human beings fighting eachother and hating eachother and saw the roots of hate grow into the woman wearing a green jacket,her wrinkeled face and grey hair hating one people and siding with another,after only ten days in the west bank shocked by the condition of the Palestinians which are Israel’s fault so what other choice do the paleatinians have?violence .
No other conflict in the world manages to enlist so many kind hearted Europeans as the Israeli -Palestinian conflict.
After 1967 many Swiss rushed to help in kibbutzim in Israel,touched by the fierce fighting of one motivated army who fought to survive the invasion of neighboring armies.
Now years later,Israel has become the bully in the eyes of many Europeans. Switzerland with the least number of jews in Europe,o.o1% ,though leaders in radio,communication,film,arts and medicine,are according to the Antidefamation league statistics least liked in Europe according to  a study where Swiss people were asked to agree with antisemitic statements or not. The Swiss are European champions in the  antisemitic index .No wonder the neighboring lands :Germany and France have more that a quarter of a mllion jews,the Swiss 18,000.
The scream came from the roots of a tree of a life lived tired of being stepped upon by biased judgemental.people assuming a few days of biased prejudiced organized olive tree cultivating activities on behalf of poor repressed people gives them the justification to glorify and excuse random  violence against former refugees who are jewish.
The memories of the holocaust and the six million jews never haunted them obviously and therefore the tragedy of people murdered in racial hate never touches them too deeply but they find in their wooden  hearts compassion for people who choose to throw stone or shoot randomly civilans because jews,the tree remembers,are always a cause of distress.
Excuse us for bleeding on your pretty green colored jacket. Your neat organized life disturbed by the jewish arrogance to survive despite objections.
Justified objection.
Justice,i realize,means different things to different people.
In Israel there are some who would agree with the green clad human rights tree lover but then again people can not seem to agree on too many topics lately.

The roots of evil are justified violence towards random civilians,racism,hating someone because of their nationality or ethnic identity.

The tree has seen a lot but can not scream ,protest or walk away.

Next time i vow to be more like the tree and remember my roots never justified violence or ethnic based hate. My roots wanted to go deep in the earth and stay somewhere stable.
My wings told another story..

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