Born free

In theory we are born free but according to religion and ethnic divisions:we are already labeled at birth.
The fascist Nazis adopted the religious labelling into their violent murderous death mechanisms:
Those born jewish were doomed.
Those born to a different “race”than the Aryan race were doomed.

In theory all human beings are born free but we are not equal in the eyes of the racists.

Ivanka Trump converted to an orthodox jewish stream ,so says the media.she is says the media.

According to orthodox judaism there are strict rules ;first of all modesty and hair cover by married women.all women and men dress modestly.
Ivanka Trump does not follow the rules of Orthodox jewish lifestyle in their most important rule of dressing modestly.
Orthodox Judaism does not permit too much  contact with nonjews but Ivanka Trump ignores this rule too.
Orthodox Judaism follows Judaism in treating the other as you would like yourself being treated?
YES and NO.
My personal experience as a Jewish person from birth,a product of two Jewish parents who come from Jewish people marrying only jews for centuries is that if i break a rule,in my case marrying a nonjew,i am not looked upon favorably,though in theory my children are jewish,the Orthodox jews do not like rule benders or breakers.
However when a nonjewish woman converts to marry a wealthy   Jewish man in a powerful position,apparently there is no problem for the convert to continue to act,dress and do as she wishes.
Ivanka Trump married an orthodox jew,i do not know any orthodox jews who would accept a convert jewish woman who did not dress modestly,associate with her former nonjewish family ,be known as Ivanka or appear in public dressed in short sleeves and mini skirts.
Even little girls are dressed modestly in orthodox jewish circles.
I therefore am very skeptical that Donald Trump is indeed  tolerant of jews first of all because his daughter’s conversion to orthodox judaism seems very nonkosher,but knowing certain orthodox jewish streams to being political seeking power,it would not surprise me they bent the rules for Ivanka but the vast majority of orthodox jews take religion very seriously and would not accept a woman dressed the way Ivanka is dressed amongst them .
I feel it is time to expose the con man who appointed as chief of staff a racist antisemite ,the man who speaks against ethnic groups  with hate is a racist and his friends in  the KKK are celebrating his victory.
Not all Jews follow Jewish values ,some pick and choose,and religious groups EVERYWHERE have a political agenda that strongly screams against the basic values of the ones claiming to be religious.
Bill Maher made a joke but it is sadly true,Jesus would have no place in Trump’s  vision of white protestant America,nor would Moses.

Israel’s right wing might be celebrating Trump’s phony friendship but the sane liberals who are the majority,are just as upset as liberal sane people with compassionate values everywhere.
Radical Islam is a problem but so is radical racism and between Godzilla of the Christian fanatic and the monsters of radical religions the monster of racism is making a profit by gaining access to a democracy and turning it to a dictatorship.
Let the protest continue.
Trump can not be the president of the USA
Only the racist minority.
Too many had been fooled by his promises to the poor,to the jews worried about Israel,to those angry at the Clinton corruption.

Donald Trump like his daughter is not a convert ,he is still a racist fascist and his daughter does not follow the rules of converts to orthodox judaism,nor did she ever read the biblical words that caution to treat the strangers well because of humane compassion.
Ivanka Trump does not keep the dress code nor the basic moral values of Judaism.
I was born labelled but i was also born free and i want to stay this way.
I don’t live in the USA but there are many human rights organizations in the US whose tasks are to warn of human rights violations;Donald Trump should be number one on their list of bigotry to confront.
Do not be fooled by so called conversion.
A true jew would never accept racism.Moses did not teach hate.
The right wing political jewish movements can not be considered true to the teachings of Moses,because Jewish values do not follow bigotry and racism,those who do might have been  born as jews but have nothing to do with Jewish values.

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