Dogs in winter:Lets shelter them from the storms!


The dog seems the very clone of my  own dog, 

However my dog  is beneath a blanket while this dog who looks so much like her

 is freezing !!!

The little shivering dog is standing next to a  man dressed in heavy layers to protect him from the freezing 

winter wind and cold freezing ice..

Is there anything that screams “UNFAIR”! more than this photo ???


Dogs have undergone many  evolutionary changes since the time they were wolves with thick coats to protect them from the cold  and a life style that meant a warm cave, and a group to hunt for food. 

Dogs are dependent on human beings and what a sorry species to depend on !

In North Italy in winter last year ,i saw many dogs in elegant coats 

that could have kept a lot of people warm, a bit over the top but still

 i do think dogs  without too much hair who are not used to living outdoors anymore 

 need some sort of protection from the cold, it does not have to be Italian fashion 

but some improvised blanket, some attention to the shivering little four legged friend. 

Despite the distant from being a wolf, a dog still has the instinct to protect their owner 

and give its life in case a polar bear or an intruder wishing harm intervenes . 

lets show the creatures who show us compassion the same and make sure 

they do not suffer from being exposed to the cold, wrap them up in blankets, 

if they are sitting on a cold floor, make sure there is a soft warm cushion to protect them from the freezing cold of winter. 

Dogs are dependent on human beings, but they love their humans so much and unconditionally,  they do not judge, they do not criticize or talk back

so  lets not disappoint them  and make sure they are warm and cosy !!!



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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