How do you do it?!

An open poetry letter to Ivanka Trump(a.k.a super woman)

Oh how do you do it
Super successful woman
Whose children are left
to be raised by chinese nannies
Yet your father is against giving work to china?
Whose job is always secure
because your father is the boss?
You pray like an orthodex jew
You claim an orthodox jew to be,
but dress like a barbie doll
from underneath the christmas tree
And god help you
If you gain an extra pound
That is not allowed!
Your husband’s father was in prison for not paying taxes
and your father avoided paying taxes.
You claim your father is not a racist
Yet he is strangely popular witb white supremicist racists?
How DO you do it Ivanka Trump?
Do explain how do you manage to present yourself and your family
as caring about values like
being a mother
Who is never at  home,
Working successfully at a job that will always be there,
Promoting men who avoid basic duties as citizens ?
Covering up with judaism
for a man whose words say
Bigotry,hate,racism and bigotry
Not to mention deeply disrespectful of women
who do not look like barbie dolls
Who do not smile and pretend
that they are the product of a miraculous success
And not a follow up of a fraud
Making America divided again.
Making our planet destroyed again.
Denying science
Embracing the middle ages,
Denying racism but allowing words of hate
Planning mass deportation
So how do you claim your father to be
the leader of the most successful nation?
Faulty intentions.

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