An old forgotten poem

“You know
i am standing now
above the bridge
Underneath him pass
You know, all about them.
Not poems,you said
but cars,yes.
The cars pass underneath
and from the side,
just not above.
Not through the mind.
I will tell you that they are doing
something to the Yarkon*
they transport through him
Piles of mud.
A green muddy river
does not come up
through my  thoughts
I therefore added cars ;
maybe you will think
about cars
and you will recall
and you will recall
what is beneath the bridge
upon which
they drive
and maybe your thought
Will see
through the fog
standing on the bridge
the death of a river
the source of disappointments.
There were arms of water
and now
there are
-Translated from Hebrew by me.
*The Yarkon:a brown green river that flows through Tel Aviv towards the Mediterranian sea.

-A poem i wrote in Hebrew in
1989 while working a dead end job  at a book publishing firm.

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