Forms of governments II

“The states that replace the Roman Empire in the west were very primitive.The basis of the state was that the king,formerly a warrior chef,gave out land to his followers and in return  the followers were obliged to provide him with a fighting force. So the king gained his army without taxation or any elaborate machinery of government.
Land held in this way came to be called a fief and from that word we get the word feudum in latin,from which we get the English word”feudal”.

   -The shortest history of Europe
John Hirst

got tired of democracy,
it was time to get a king
and so this is how
America got a royal family,
Nathan the wise,
thin and lithe
whispers in the royal ear
ideas of grandeur
so how come so many
people feel so small
and without any words?
The majority votes for
The corrupt Clinton clan
but they got the corrupt king
Burger king
Neon signs
America became European,
the seeds planted a family  tree
who would have the final say,
Abolishing the rule of a you
and me
in favor of royalty.

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