Trump family values

I ‘ll believe Trump is good for jewish people and feels a deep empathy for jews when
Ivanka actually looks and acts like the Orthodox jew she claims to be ,busy with study torah raising jewish children who recite jewish prayers not chinese poetry (with all due respect to Chinese culture)and her “so called” jewish orthodox husband
Jared Kushner wears a yarmulka in public  , Ivanka and Jared stop playing the parts of sterotypical jewish jokes occupied with marketing and selling 24/7 ,
Ivanka and Jared’s  adorable daughter recites poetry in Hebrew instead of Chinese,
The Jewish in law father pays taxes like any respectable decent human being,
Oh and Donald Trump stops appointing to top positions men whose racist values are those of the KKK.
Oh and hunting poor helpless animals and destroying our planet have never been jewish values
So Donald Trump says he will move the American embessy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s historical capitol?
Recognizing Jerusalem and permitting jews righs to their land is nice but not being racist and destroying basic human rights seems to me a tad higher in qualification for honorary man of my tribe!
Till the Trumps stop promoting racist bigotry agenda ,i will remain skeptical of their jewish values and their contribution to promoting world and mid east peace and co existence.
So can the Trumps please
leave now and lets forget this ever happened.
Give America back to the multicultual diverse people who voted for democracy and woke up to a nightmare of deception?!/strong>

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