Sacrifice of Isaac – Lesson Plans – Education & E-Learning – Yad Vashem
Someone mentioned the weekly reading of the bible and Issac’s being bound .
So i recalled the poem we studied in high school in Israel by Haim Guri about how Issac never was released ,about the human sacrifice experienced in every generation.
It is time to add that while we are mentioning the holocaust ,lets remember that not all jewish people were  united in concern for the jews then and also nowadays and so let us not be impressed by a certain Jewish son in law who whispers to the newly elected ,not by majority American president.
Jewish values might involve a certain degree of self sacrifice but hopefully not the sacrifice of others,and definitely not the sacrifice of basic jewish values;do not do to another what you do not want done to you which means zero tolerance to racism.
No” but”s and no “however”

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