The greatness of gratitude

2016-1-12There’s this story that when we are grateful and say thank you for what we HAVE, then the universe, or G-d, or whatever higher forces you envision or just think are magnetic forces etc. decide to give you more of what you HAVE, but, however, when 

You are complaining about what you DO NOT HAVE, then the universe, G-d, higher forces or magnetic forces decide to give you more of WHATEVER you complain about. 

Have you ever noticed how the sick get sicker and the rich get richer according to this principal, some call the law of attraction ?

You attract with whatever vibrational energy you resonate, so it is up to you whether to be thankful for what you have or curse what you do not have. 

Someone once told me, not too long ago, that Picasso had said that whoever has a flower in this world, even just one flower, can be happy. Is that true? I suppose the problem with people who complain they want a field of flowers and do not see what is in front of their eyes, me included..

I wanted to write about my failed  marriage recently , i had given lots of thoughts towards understanding exactly where we went wrong and what went wrong and my conclusion  though there were probably a lot of factors , the main factor was a lack of gratitude. 

The house was never clean enough ( and it was not clean) , the food was never good enough, the love never loving enough, the silence never silent enough, the words never   communicating enough, and what there was , was never ever enough but the truth was there was more than enough, there was a lot to be grateful for; healthy children and a shelter , a home, food, health, peace, sunny days, beautiful sunsets we never saw because we were too busy cursing the dark to look outside for the stars. I was not always like that but once the dynamics of not appreciating and complaining began, it drove us all down the slope towards a very low place of ingratitude which is still where some of us can be found some of the time and others all of the time, and that is beyond analysing childhood traumas and parenting styles, where we went wrong big time! 

Having observed a friend who is always thankful for everything you give him or do for him, i realise that is such a rare quality, and i ask myself why? Some say that in well to do societies where people have a lot of material assets  people forget that more is sometimes less and less is sometimes more, that to appreciate what you have is ultimately what makes relationships work, what makes people happy from the inside, not dreaming of a bigger car or a big house or anything OUTSIDE of one self, but being happy with what you HAVE, even a flower, and as i write i watch the  yellow Daliahs , nine of them and consider myself very fortunate. 

In marriage one does not change but one reveals one’s personality in an intense way, so that if one has a tendency to complain that comes up big time, and that i think is what ruines marriages, the courts focus on dividing material assets and of course that is important especially when you have children, making sure they have enough to eat, and shelter and clothing, but more than anything to be grateful is something very contagious and something i did not experience in my marriage or growing up; when children grow up hearing parents complain about other people or what they do not have and what they could have had, it creates an animosity they later practice in their lives with other people, because what they HAVE will never ever be ENOUGH. 

I remember thinking why there was this feeling of discontent and blaming the other and inability to communicate and i think it was all those diseased behaviours practiced at home and also could be some sort of mental disfunction , an inability to say thank you because what you have is never enough, and you want more and more and more , and whatever you do HAVE suffers greatly and that is how relationships break down and marriages fail, because we have not practiced enough the art of gratitude and it is like everything else an art that needs to be practiced daily and often. 

Think about people you have met who felt and showed gratitude , how many do you know ? if you find one, keep them. 

Reflecting of past relationships i realise now it was not about me or the other person but exactly about this inability to show gratitude , it is not something personal, it is a mechanism that is lacking in so many people, including myself , and needs a daily practice . Religious people say Thank you to G-d or higher force, but do they mean it ? do they also extend that gratitude to those around them? when they do then life on earth is truly a paradise. 


So having said that, a big THANK YOU for reading these words, they come from a newly found place of clarity which  was a joy for me to share . 


Peace, love and light

something i picked up from the Sivananda yogis, always smiling and thanking the teaching, the path, the light , the love and the peace inside. 28-9-16-1wp-1478033263636.jpeg

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