Czech lower parliament: UNESCO Jerusalem resolution strengthens antisemitism — The JPost
The Czech have checked the right boxes.
The constant attempts to Palestinize or Moslemize the city built by kind David with TONS of documented archeology proving a profound historical connection between the city of David to mainly Judaism and christianity as if Mecca and Medina,holy to Islam,are not enough shows not only a deeply troubling  ethnic bias but an equally troubling ignorance and disrespect towards the ancient religion that had existed thousands of years before Mohamad showed up though the bible speaks of a family connection through Abraham,
the lack of tolerance and respect by totalitarian regime ruled fascist middle eastern dictatorships holding the UN hostage seems to me nothing but a deeply troubling distraction from the deeply depraved destruction and massacre spreading out throughout the middle east as a result of that sort of intolerance and racism that is not religious or ethnic but as a result of deeply troubled ignorance.

Israel must seek legal action against defamation demonisation and fabrication of a made up history by the middle eastern fascist countries seeking to gobble up every bit of land through so called human rights organizations that act to divide demonise and  disguise their racist ethnic cleansing agenda abusing Islam as a tool of mind manipulation.

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