In the dark quiet room

This summer returning
from a land blessed by
sunshine most days
cursed by noise
of cars and wars
and lack of love
for me
most days,
the family and friends
not waiting for me
to greet me
or to wave goodbye,
the men moving towards
lower places
while i am confused
by intentions to go
to places that leave me
Buy silver rings with biblical
buy earings for yourself
give them to your children
as you return to a quiet
dark room
listening to the rain
coming down
holding you up
as you seek
higher places
far away
from the noisy
and the ocean
salty with tears
of those told
live was here
but found
only fear
to disappear
the waves
in  lower depths
of silent sea
where mother
left me
to drown in sorrow
not knowing
was up
if only i could
find a dark quiet
to recall
my nightly
of another
Waking up
to cold rainy
of fog
the pain of birth
and the maturity
of growth.

We are told so many lies by society that it takes a special inner silence to shed light on what it truly our destiny.
we are so many multitudes of layers as we travel in time but it is in the innermost space we find a place of no suffering and permission to be full of joy.

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About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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