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on the train last night

dear life , so much has happened people sat down and smiled embracing our company, we smiled back we moved towards a positive place and landed in the land of peaceful content, it was good to be home again. we … Continue reading

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“We transgressed human rights by land theft, apartheid, and our  joker: the bad coscious of Europe” Another poster that accuses Israel of crimes that the countries of the region commit themselves, there are No Jews living in most of the middle … Continue reading

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Thank you for this day

  Thank you for this day  these wilted flowers  that made me smile  the other day,  the memories  i knew,  have left  a place for something new ,  and for the eye  that found the pleasure  may be a lie,  … Continue reading

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Life can not be so bad  when you can listen to “Marie” just before you go to bed and dream  of an illogical magical love  like a moon beam.  You looked like a princess the night we met With your … Continue reading

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trivialization as a relation

“To make trivial; cause to appear unimportant, trifling” A trivial trophy,  a tuna fish sandwich  placed by   the  caviar , served in great dignity in a fine  dish of pearl.  ebony brought here, the cold familiarity  of a foreign marble transported from … Continue reading

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swastikas as decorations

  Perhaps if the lessons of the history of racism were taught better we would not be hearing of the birthday party decorations offered to a jewish girl by her teen age friends  in US the other day.. Teens at … Continue reading

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L’Oiseau Et l’Enfant

L’oiseau et l’enfant Comme un enfant aux yeux de lumière Qui voit passer au loin les oiseaux Comme I’oiseau bleu survolant la terre Vois comme le monde, le monde est beau. Beau le bateau dansant sur les vogues, Ivre de … Continue reading

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