Israeli little night meal


A gorgeous granni Smith,
Oriental salty sesame seed cookies i adore.
A banana is always a good combi
Harmony food.

Beteavon!Bon Apetit!
It is typhoon weather!
Strong winds and rain much needed in the middle east
But the wind is a bit too dramatic.

They dont charge for nylon bags

When my mother was alive i never got a chance to eat out,now i roam the neighberhood for a home cooked meal since my place does not have an oven or any hotplate./strong>
I found a nice elderly man called Siman tov*who offered me “cherira”-Morrocian bean soup,i dipped in a slice of fresh bread and tasted heaven-not too spicey,served steaming hot,Mmm,just the right remedy for a rainy night!

Siman Tov offers “Kishke”-a Jewish east European Sabbath day speciality served with tsolent -a bean mixture .
The simple small kitchen space seating guests on wooden benches is closed on Friday and Saturday so quick customers may get their fill on Thursdays but it is quickly gone,warns Siman Tov..

I admit it is not a vegeterian dish.. stuffed intestines i normally would not praise as a firm believer in vegeterian food and prevention of cruelty towards animals however i recall my late father broke my mother’s dominance rule in the kitchen and would drive far to pick up his favorite dish from a simple kitchen very much like this one.
Those simple inexpensive unpretentious meals served on a simple wooden bench are the best!

Afterwards i had a delicious  steaming hot milk based  coffee that could make starbucks be put to shame!Not too sweet,just the right texture of steamed milk with a  tea spoon of coffee-with a Turkish/ balkan  speciality boreque bursting with goat cheese and flavor.

At night i easily located a 24 hour supermarket and bought my favorite oriental sesame seed crispy  salty cookies baked by Abadi -with an Israeli kefir and buttermilk.

The sounds of the city that does not sleep by the mediteranian sea are drowned by a heavy rain pour tonight so i am munching to the sound of the falling rain…

Mmmm,the taste of food here in the middle east is fresh and good.

*Siman Tov-means an auspicious sign in Hebrew.

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