the flood

After an enjoyable evening at the new age Synagogue, i came home and turned a knob on the toilet when all of the sudden a huge fountain of water erupted and i found myself totally drenched to the bone , and the water flowing..”HELP” i screamed as the water kept flowing in an alarming rate, the titanic had swept me as i was unable to turn the knob back and stop the water flow..

Two neighbours appeared with mops and soon we were all attempting to remove the water through the staircase while the upstairs neighbour began to investigate where my water switch was mine …i returned to holding on to the knob stopping the strong flow of water much like the little Dutch boy in the famous story about the boy who saved a Dutch city by keeping the crack in a dyke closed ability to keep the strong water fountain at bay was shakey, and i was about to give up when the good news arrived : the neighbour had been able to locate the water switch and he had shut off my water supply..

A wet rat , my pyjamas sticking to me , my hair full of water, i asked the nice neighbors whether i could shower in their apartment? They agreed and had welcomed me , a stranger, to their apartment and allowed me to shower , i then sat on their sofa leaving a wet stain with my towel going over the ordeal..

It was an interesting and original way to get to know my neighbours but it turned out that we had common themes; dogs, education etc. , i was given a steaming cup of tea which probably saved me from developing a bad cold, and i had gone home to my swamp apartment dry and warm and feeling more optimistic..

The plumber refused to come till sunday but now that the flood had dried up, the sun came out on Saturday, and dried out my wet shoes and clothes in the balcony. 

Sometimes a disaster can actually hold some rays of sunshine..


peace love and light from Israel !


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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