The expected rain storm finally got here as I was walking towards the city after having heard a lecture at the national center for security about disengagement  from Palestinian  neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

There were lectures by former ministers and head of army intelligence.

The best lecture, in my opinion,was by a former Israeli army intelligence who said ;there is no ideal solution in this situation,but a solution to the conflict just come from a confident leadership with a vision,not swayed by public opinion.

Other lecturers pointed out a public opinion poll indictating a tendency towards a disengagement or a need to keep the Jewish and Arab population separate

I feel that what is happening  in Israel is happening  all over the world;nationalism calls for a separation  and certainly when it comes to dealing with a conservative  population with values of fear of “the other”,whoever those might be.

Later the storm hit the streets so seeking shelter I found myself sitting in a scilian restaurant engaging in a lovely conversation with a Burmese chef,a Jerusalemite uninterested in politics, three Eritherians sat eating pizzas,and I thought how good it is to sit amongst brothers who represent people of the world..


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