farewell ,Adios,Au Revoir

At the airport


Very anxious

Reading the wall of greetings;






Auf wiedersehen

Next time I will be flying it will be

to my best.

I am going to pack Europe and settle

In the middle East

Next to Syria

Next door to Israel

Next to Jordan and Egypt (at peace)

A loud crazy  non-stop movement of loud noises and people 

But on the 7th day 

Quiet old songs can be heard on the radio

The synagogues are busy with prayers

The Moslem mosques can be heard calling for prayer five times a day,

The christians are a mere minority whereas 

In Europe they are a majority.
Sitting at the big hall waiting for my flight back to cold grey sunless Europe 

Where my children live and thrive

Not waiting for me to arrive,

I feel whole and complete with my decision to go where there are sometimes wars and violent struggles but there is also;


The Mediterranean ocean

Food I know and like

Open to talk people

Though one man advices me:

“Caution just be taken”

Selection is essential!

Twenty years ago I left my home

land and dog and what remained

of my family;my mother,

Now older and hopefully wiser

I am a mother of three children

Two are adults (over 18 years old)

and an elderly dog (11 years old)

The flights appear:












I am eating a sandwich with Bulgarian cheese  I had bought at the Hungarian bakery near the Carmel market .

My suitcase weighed 15 kilograms  and was full of food;flatbread,calls bread,boreque,humous,slecial liver fkavored eggplant salad..

watching the passengers I feel so disconnected..

I watch an Arab family,the elderly grandparents are sitting quietly while the young parents ,a talk masculine man and a pretty young woman come to collect a cute little baby,the father carried the baby in his arms and they walk away..

Everyone is couple of in a family situation,even the old man who could only say “Moscow”  sitting next to me is collected by a young blond granddaughter (i assume)

This is as lonely as it gets,

No one to see me off except the taxi driver who spoke of his new life as a taxi driver,his daughter was a test tube baby,Now he is divorced and living alone in a farming community..his son is in the army. .

My decision to leave the children in cold Europe and live where the sun always always never fails to shine,and where “no one not nothing  is waiting for me “,as an old “friend”commented who had moved after a long stay in Paris while earning a PhD.in the Sorbonne.

Another”friend”,who was a close companion during the army met me for a cake and coffee at a fancy French style cafe on Rothschild boulevard,”life here is very hard”she had commented ,she who had lived with three cats alone unmarried childless working at her father’s law firm after teaching proved “too difficult”

It isn’t easy to move back to the middle East but I find it easy to put on my late mother’s shoes;

Instead  of her  morning swim,I walk and walk,and walk,the city of Tel Aviv  is full of impressions  and mostly dog’s.

I have no wish to leave Tel Aviv,my maternal grandparents  arrives there during the second World War , in 1941,my grandmother lived sitting at the edge of the water,visiting ultra religious families and donated the money she got from the Germans to Yeshivas-orthodox places of learning,

My grandfather worked as a messenger ,he was used to forestry and never really found his place..he studied the religious scriptures and attended a “parliment “-a local meeting of elderly man from various countries discussing Iran,the pope,the middle East..

My maternal grandparents are buried in the joint of Olives waiting as many religious jews that  with the  coming of the messiah ,they will be the first to rise from the dead..

My parents are buried side by side ,28 years between my father ‘a death and my mother’s..

My pets;two dog’s and two cats (one brought all the way from St Louis)are buried  in Israel too.

“The meaning of life is that it ends”

Said F. Kafka..

I bought only four books;a biography  of an Israeli singer port I love (Meir Ariel)

A book about nutrition

A book about how to budget

A book about how to listen to people

in distress, 

And a book about what it means to be Jewish as answered by need all over the world.The book had been published by Daniel Pearl who was forced to declare himself a new by terrorists who had beheaded him right afterwards.

I plan on reading this book on the flight so I can give it to my children for chanuka.

I forgot to buy Israeli chocolate my children like,sort of Bringing coal to a coal mine..

I sit writing focusing on my thoughts;

Will I find the courage to leave Europe like my paternal great grandfather  150 years ago who left Ukraine?

Or will I wait for an emergency like my maternal grandparents who fled Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia?

I have a choice many do not.

I go buy chocolate..


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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