Improv Tel Aviv

Last night i attended an improv night;

Actors on stage Improvisa reactions to a given situation;

The audience calls out a situation

And characters;

At one point there were Donald Trump,Vladimir Putin,Ivanka Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu on stage.

The goal was adopting a nervous  tick and adding on another nervous tick every time..

Vladimir Putin was twitching around and saying a sentence with a typical accent.Russian accents are not unusual in the Israeli landscape.

In anothern  situation the host had asked the audience what irritated them the most about Tel Aviv?

lack of Parking space,drivers,etc. But then someone suggested  vegans.

Three actors;two actors and one volunteer from the audience played irritating vegans ;each actor had said a word till funny combinations came up mentioning beans and lentils and tofu..

Another game involved playing a scene ;a surgery in different musical styles.

A Keyboard player has accompanied the actors and a volunteer as they had  moved fron  jazz,opera and hard rock playing a scene where two doctors sing a song while “the patient” lays on chairs in the various styles.

The audience here to throw the actors ideas about which characters to play and they can occasionally participate too.

I sat laughing at the ethnic imitations,the actors had quite a vocal range and were able to perform whatever part needed at a short notice.

It was a lively evening;the vice head department of culture and education at the  Tel Aviv  municipality received an honorary reward for organizing cultural events;he talked about his life and the team proceeded to act it out even while rhyming words and actions.

Theater is indeed an instrument of expression.

A retired banker told of her experience with community theater celebrates here..



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