Meeting the mohel

Benjamin Rothschild was both my son’s mohel-circumciser-

I was running  like mad at the Ben Gurion airport trying  to catch the flight but with Israeli  airlines there is no problem since there is always that unexpected  delay..

Out destination in Europe is under deep freeze  with minus one degree Celsius..

We are now plus  17 degrees Celsius…

I began a long overwhelming stream of consciousness talk..

Benny Rothschild who had travelled throughout Europe circumcising remembered my name and address where we had been living 16 years ago when my youngest son had been born..

The family Rothschild all emigrated to Israel a few years ago ,they have always spoken Hebrew amongst them,in sharp contrast to the Yiddish and Swiss German speakers.

After showing photos of my youngest son and talking nonsense about synagogues I had realized I have this 


Please the religious mode;

Whether Catholic,Moslem ,Hindi ,Buddhist or Jewish,I always try day too hard to show I am following the creator’s path not less seriously than those who take G-d much more seriously..dress for it and spend all waking hours while I just plan to..

Flying back to Europe now with the mohel and his wife..

Window seat


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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