seagull spilling

This morning a pigeon was flying around the coffee shop, banging into window, unable to find  the way out, ( is there a metaphor in this for me?)

I  had tried to chase the pigeon out and it finally had  managed to fly  out,  but then i had spilled my coffee  cup all over myself !

The smiling man behind the counter  had said “Hakol letova!” – “everything is for the best!”

Indeed- the computer is safe, and so is the new phone that i had to get after the flood in the apartment took away  the life of the old phone. 

So there is a lesson to be learned from everything and from that bird that is banging against the glass unable to find the way just needs thinking outside the box and taking time to let the solution come to you !


Another lesson for me personally is not to attempt to do too many things at the time time!

When drinking coffee- do just that!!

Peace, light and love

Tel Aviv, Israel

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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