and then there were four


I  had asked the daughter of Rabbi Shlomo Carlibach to sing this at the  inter religious dialogue program in the Sivananda yoga center, then i left the yoga center , because i had realised that somewhere the people of Israel live but it might be only where there is a reason to believe there is a reason to believe..

“According to the Diaspora Affairs Ministry’s statistics, there are currently 14.4 million Jews in the world, with 6.3 million in Israel and the rest spread out over the globe.

Over 80% of Jews who do not live in Israel are either loosely affiliated or completely unaffiliated with their Jewish heritage and the State of Israel.

In addition, only 25% of the younger generation in the US feel at all connected to Israel, and Judaism is relevant to only 33% of them. This trend creates a drastic drop in the number of Jews and in the need for the State of Israel to take an active part in reaching out to Diaspora Jews.”


Before WW2 there were 20 millions jews  in the world and then there came the holocaust and always assimilation, and so here we are  just a bit over 14 million strong and seem to irritate the world so much that they place posters about the tiny jewish state in a country where there are only 18,000 jews, in Greece anti-Semitism is on the rise even though they had managed to lead most of their jews to the gas chambers, and the same goes for Austria and France who despite the small insignificant number of jews residing there , there is a growing resentment of them, and always a center stage at the United Nations conferences, where the massacre of masses in Syria is still not an issue that irritates enough to take action..and yet look at the jews, concerned, engaged, apologising, trying and struggling , but here we are , 14 million, mostly divided between Israel and the USA, and scattered in Europe in numbers that are too few to even notice but always stand out in every field of human life; entertainment, literature, art, science, and music. Can not live with us, can not live without us, and we , we can not seem to live with each other too well, some seeking a sort of universal love, others seeking a sect like bubble in which to live and thrive, and others, like me, just try to survive..oh and thanks to me, there are three more jews in the world, and a dog. a very jewish like emotional friendly deeply engaged dog. 


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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