Today i  had noticed two women walking holding hands 

and i was wondering whether they were just friends 

i walked near and saw they were both of similar age, 

and i thought to myself how lucky they were 

to be in what appeared so simple and yet so complicated 

to have a friend of the same gender, a girl friend 

someone who could relate to your issues, 

knew the female issues from inside out, 

but i knew right then that i was really seeking 

just to have a friend, 

to hold hands, 

to exchange words, 

not more, 

but it seems too much 

to have a female friend 

that is JUST a friend 

nothing more 

and nothing less..

There is something about holding hands 

that makes it more difficult to be just friends 

and being friends is just what 

makes their loss 

a cause for crying ..



I do not know what it feels like to feel drawn to your own gender, i must admit, but i do know what it feels like to feel as though you had a friend, for a long long time only to have discovered it was all false, and that person does not think of you the way you think of them, not as a long trip towards the end of life but as a station on the way towards something else , to be insignificant to someone who had been significant to you is something i can relate to and it seems to me that friendship is under valued in our society and other relations are over valued, there is nothing that makes a person feel like crying more than discovering that the person you thought was a friend, was only an illusionary figment of your imagination , not someone you could rely upon to be there for you nor someone who misses you and values you as a unique being.

This is why we have  dogs and cats, they never abandone us the way people know and can and do.




About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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