filling- empty

A piece of gum 

and you were out; 

my filling fell 

and left a  large gap ,

a loss is a loss is a loss, 

and so i mourn my filling 

that fell so suddenly 

and left me feeling 




A lost filling means a quick visit to the dentist, i rushed to the dentist only to have discovered that she has Friday off..then i went across the border to Germany, and found a clinic that would give me an appointment first thing Monday, just before the Christmas rush..researching on the internet i discovered that you can purchase a temporary replacement for a filling over the counter..since i lost the filling i have been feeling particularly weak and tired, it is like having a bullet hole, i seem to be losing energy …but hopefully i will survive this ordeal! All it took was one gum but looking back i probably should have consulted a pharmacist …now i count the hours till the dentist refills the is just an example of how quickly what seemed to be a situation of control gets out of control..




About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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