The seagull has landed

Of all places to land,Israeli airplines landed next to an Arab airline;

I am not sure which..

I sat next to a moderate  religious lady who had  emigrated to Israel and was visiting her daughter. 

I was reading”I am jewish”-inspiration  comments by Daniel Pearl foundation.

The moderate  orthodox lady was reading Danielle Steele..

The conversation  reached a natural death after we exchanged details of number of children;

I-three and a dog

She-three daughters,one dead son

Four hours separate the holy land and Switzerland.

18 degrees separate  The weather of Israel and Switzerland.

It was minus one degree in Switzerland. .

I saw the religious orthodox regroup and leave without a word goodbye.

We are separate  people;secular and religious divide ;I am not kosher enough for a kesher (connection)

I served in the army,had a career of some sort,the orthodox ladies rarely work outside the home ,and I find it often easier to speak to the men;the  ladies seem to resent my freedom and status as divorcee. .I do not attract the religious ladies attention the way I did as a single student in Jerusalem.

“I am that I am”

And so I entered the familiar frozen night of silent solemn people on the train,rushing to pick up the dog I fell and tore my jeans,the  knee bleeding slightly, a solidary man across the street seemed oblivious I got up and  limped  towards where my dog had been staying..she seemed reluctant  to leave the soft comforting carpets of the dog  man..she either did not hear me call her or pretended not to hear..

A happy dog greeting seemed almost automatic. .

Finally after a short talk she agreed to leave wearing a new black jacket she got as a gift from the dog man..

On the train home we ran into friendly Mediterranean dog living   people ;Greek..

And now that Chanuka is about to descend upon us at the same time as Christmas,I think Greeks are not so bad after least we had more in common than the orthodox had,a particular liberal approach universal and beyond ethnic labels.

No,I am not really citizen of the world and after living more than a quarter of a century amongst the nations (Americans and Swiss) reading Daniel Pearl’s ordeal,I no longer believe in universality  ;

Daniel Pearl was beheaded  after having declared himself a deeply rooted Jew in a brutal murder  by fanatics.

Religion must never be a divider but only serve as a moral guide towards accepting  others.

When people follow labeled groups they can count me out.

What I loved in Tel Aviv was this ability to accept diversity and not feel threatened by “the other”,this is an element sadly missing from Jewish life in the Swiss  divided labeled diaspora. .

Perhaps it is me trying to belong where I don’t but I am totally on the same page as Gracho Marx and would not wish to belong to a club that would accept me!

Leave light and love


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a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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