in other words

“Life and death at the power of the pen”

This was the slogan of the Israeli intelligence, 

it was only an act of irony that had led me 

to be part of that unit of the army, 


who had been silenced for so many years 

by a paranoid parent 

ever since i could speak words, 

i was told to not say them, 

ever since i could open my eyes and see

i was ordered not to point out to the enemy 

within the family, 

the violence that erupted unexpectedly 

and so regularly 

because we did not know how to get along, 

because we could not listen to the other, 

and we did not know how to care 

and we could not always blame the Nazi, 

so i learned not to speak 

and to blame me,

then i went to the army 

and they taught me to keep secrets 

from the enemy outside, 

but i was still struggling with 

whoever told me not to use words

till one day i got free

and found out that words

were not the enemy

they were my way

out of the prison

of self denial

and lies,

words were the keys

not the lock.


Just to defend the Israeli army, we also did good things , we can now expose, like help the Ethiopian jews escape a terrible life of abuse ,the army does not just kill, it mostly defends, and when it fails to do so, there are writers who write and i am proud of them now more than ever, because it makes a society just and fair more than anything else, this freedom to speak out is what makes life in a free society, free, and we must never take this for granted, these days too we must fight for the right to say whatever we need and want to say , not compromising the honour or safety of a just and fair society but actually being its very foundation

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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