one day she locked the door to paradise, 

and i , 

i was sent to exile, 

one day ,

she bought me a one way ticket, 

and she sold  me to the strangers

whose words i could not understand ,

and she just said, 

isn’t it a pity

i did not speak to you that language 

you now must struggle to understand ?

One day i got on an airplane 

and i was told i was going to paradise, 

where the mountains surround and embrace 

the pretty earth, 

and there are no wars, 

no buses exploding, no terror attacks 

just a silence, 

an infinite silence

and a prison made of gold.

One day she put me on the airplane 

and she sighed a sigh of relief, 

there would be no

more witnesses ,

no more reports of what she did wrong, 

i was sent to exile 

for asking too many questions 

and for being too good friends with the truth, 

so i was sent to the land of la la 

to learn to cultivate cultural habits of lies, 

but one day 

i woke up and i got on the airplane 

and flew right back, 

i felt the sun embrace me

and the sea told me 

the mountains always hide 

but the ocean is a guide 

to the infinity 

no one could no longer


from me.

I was home,

near my truth

and no one could send me

away anymore.,

the cruel queen had died,

and i,

 I was king.



About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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