unable able; thoughts for a new era

After my  gmail account remains inaccessible and my contacts list as well, i have found a silver lining; i have lost my google plus account which kept me busy at least one hour a day, now i have to find a new way, not to go on social media which is a noncommittal way of saying things that i could say much better and more profound on my blog. 

The blog offers a committed creative way rather than get involved in pointless arguments on social media that at the end of the day lead no where. A blog, on the other hand, leads to a deepening of writing skills, ability to say something, involves thinking of what it is i want to say, how to say it, and what it means, rather than lose myself with arguments and discussions, however amusing, that are simply a distraction from facing daily challenges of how to improve , how to work on myself and thereby improve my way to interact with other human beings in the world. 

The only way for me to move forward is to go inside and reorganize my thoughts and set priority: do i want to give this thought so much power and time ?

Sometimes social media distracts from the goal therefore increasing the confusion . 

The Artist’s path says to write three pages without thinking , just to write, and indeed writing is the way to make order in the chaos in the mind overloaded with images and words picked up on social media and the news and everything we see and read during the day. 

Meditation is a good way to detox the mind but writing is a much easier flowing way for those of us who struggle to sit still and try to empty the mind; actually both ways work for me on different levels but after writing there is a sense of achievement and a thrill sometimes missing from mediation , but allowing yourself to feel empty sometimes is a good way to fight the ego and continue on that path towards a real self that is not just  empty pride but a true self, low and humble and willing to go forward leaving the past distractions behind. 

Peace, light and love

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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  1. Yo did you get the message that we are coming tonight for shabbat?

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