lets give negativity a chance

it’s a world of psychopaths 

it’s a world of parental preference 

of the one who produces the most hate 

in the most socially accepted atmosphere 

encouraged by a society where money buys the lawyers 

and the lawyers buy a house 

and leave the pain of parenting 

to the one who pays them well 

knowing how to pretend 

it’s the law and order 

not the order of the law 

by the rich and empty 

bottles of the drunk with money 


swiss er land.


it is  a world of poisoned toxic gifts 

by children of a lesser god 

who breathes fire like a dragon 

no longer needing to pretend 

he is just a paper mache’ decoration 

on a chinese new year’s parade.


Try to understand 

try to pretend 

you don’t want to open a present 

and be surprised 

it’s still the past 

continually coming up

thorns with roses

when you specifically ordered

roses with thorns.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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