slaughtering only holy cows

To those wanting to build a temple on the temple mount, 

to those wanting to classify  the middle east according to some Kalif , 

to all those uniting nations in resolutions against building houses, 

to those bombing and killing in the name of some purification ,

my  request to come down from the high horse of inhumanity, 

sit down, stop looking towards the sky, 

look at the world right here below  and get high 

by seeing other lives as worthy as your own, 

knowing that people are not things you can own, 

History is just a collection of stories according to the French 

a bank was once an Italian  bench, 

and nothing ever outlives life, 

not even money, 

not a house,

not even a mouse. 

 the stones of the graves  do not seem to know 

those who hold on to them instead of looking below

for what is left beneath the earth 

not in the sky ,

because they do not know

how to hold people before they die.

speaking of one who needs to learn too, 

about how to stop pretending it is not about 

being true

to living being

speaking feeling 

a releasing of pretending

there is something greater than living

here there and now.


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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