A letter to a tribe  member living in the dark exile

You and all those worries about unaffordable Israel, I hear you loud and clear however consider the following points please;

In Israel you might not make as much money as in Swiss er land but then you would not have to put your children in private Jewish schools where they will pray and learn Jerusalem but only get to be there as tourists and when they ask you why you can afford a big car and a gulf vacation but not to live in Israel ,

Do not forget to give a more honest answer:

1)While Judaism teaches to love thy brother as thyself,you prefer others send their children to the army to fight for the tiny homeland and Jerusalem while you continue to pray and sometimes donate to the lubbavitzers and other Hasidic movements supposibly pro Jewish but not too Zionist..maximum profit is a religion too.

2)You don’t mind living in a ghetto because of you thought more about the sort of environment  your children are growing up in ,you would worry less about the wild and furious Israelis and more about the quietly not really digging Jews Europeans.

3)To be a jew in exile out of choice is not a choice made out of a deep financial despair ,quite the opposite ,it is  combination of fear and greed.

Not wishing to be judgemental  but if being Jewish and raising your children in a mainly Jewish environment was more important to you than how much money you have in the bank and financial security,you would immediately move to Israel but as it is your flag does not have the star of David in it but the euro sign but you are not alone ,many refugees do not care about ethnic identity or raising their children in the language of their culture,they think that having more material assets is a necessity more important than to live in a community where you feel you belong and unfortunately instead of attempting to improve the society,many abandone their homelands and choose to raise their children in an atmosphere where greed is the creed.

I did not mean to offend but let’s stop feeling pity for immigrants who seek financial comfort living in countries where they are either openly or discreetly dispised.

It is a different matter when living in countries made up of predominantly immigrants but even there it takes one Trump to unite the haters and if jews think that are above the discriminatory derogatory discourse, don’t look at millionaires son in laws above the law but at graffiti and social media unashamed to declare ethnic hate so do you still think money is what matters?

Do you still insist on a Jewish education  that teached children to pray to Jerusalem but only to gulf there not to commit to a real relationship which means living together with all the chaos that is  related to commited  relationships?


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