No worries-write,act,turn the page

“My life has been full of  terrible misfortunes,most of which never happened.”

   Michel We Montaigne

Move on from your worries and make more room for happiness with help from this inspiring journal.Designed for breaking down nagging thoughts into actionable steps,these pages are also filled with quotes that help out worrying in perspective.

There are worry corners that can be removed..

This small  self help book comes from a long line of self help books,beginning with Dale Carnegie ‘a “How to stop worrying”-“How to gain friends and influence people”

The Starbucks at the book store normally offers a safe haven from the strict cold blooded judgemental Swiss who would not hesitate to call the local Swiss police always quick to arrive and give a fine to an argumentative  foreigner..

Two middle aged woman settled in the seat next to dog and I as I cudflrf the dog in my lap to stop her loud barking;one woman proceeded to cough a deep bronchitis cough accusing my dog of causing her dog allergy and preaching me that public places should not allow dogs..the foreigner I was speaking with,a pleasant Canadian ,with whom i was discussing several topics from  work,woman,mothering, daughters,girls ,education and even Coca cola was sensing a no go zone;we were after all the foreigners and conflicts with the local privileges disturbed Swiss  must be avoided..if you had a wish to survive another Swiss winter in the pretty book looks English but it lacks the manners and The charm and The English are probobly over rated anyway..

Barking a reply that coughing people should not complain about dogs I retreated towards the quiet pleasant Croatian husband of the Canadian lady,the dog sought refuge from the mad Swiss beneath the chair of the calm Croatian.

The Canadian lady soon disappeared holding the hands of her young girls ;7 and 3 years old:Avoid conflicts at all costs-is probobly the main lesson of foreigners seeking to stay employed and sheltered beneath a Swiss roof.

Gradually,much too slowly,I retrieved object after scattered object left at the battle scene,the coughing Swiss was still breathing fire,the dog was quick to react,I was left alone to collect dog bone,books,bag,Starbucks refill thermos,my tail between my legs shaking from fury and The realization my skin was way too thin for conflict seeking Swiss..There was not enough sun and I lacked the vocabulary though “stupid cow “would have been a good stress relief. 
We were now exiled to the third floor ,to the English department where A pleasant young Asian smiles at the barking dog while reading “the origin of ISIS”,yes,there are far worse things than  Barking terrier,we the Anglophils concluded..

The pleasant man ajacent to me was looking at chess strategies.

So must I.

Engraving a book of quotes I read

“Art is the highest form of hope”

It is!!!

Peace love and light

About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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