PBS-why i love their news report


The public broadcasting service offers intelligent reporting which can not be neutral but it represents a deep concern for social issues, the reporters are quite the opposite of a news agency like Fox news that insists on showing women like barbie doll figures , dressed in short dresses, one wonders that an intelligent sentence can be uttered by someone freezing in high heels .

The latest PBS newshour had the Israeli writer, Amos Oz speaking about his newest novel “Judas”, a novel about the story of Judas in modern times, definitely an intriguing subject that touches both Christian and Jewish cultures and history but the question that i could not shake was why Amos Oz, a talented writer i personally  had met at two of his readings, and have a signed book, would deny that literature is a tool, surely that seems offensive to literature but can Amos Oz be unaware of his deep his political messages are embedded in his character’s speech and action?

Amos Oz has symbolized for me the Israeli struggling to make sense of the mad reality of the middle east , however i am disappointed that he does not seem to go further in his search, it seems to me that he stayed in the same place with the exception of moving to a slightly more center less left place in order not to seem too absurd; there is no answer to the terror by the Palestinians, a two state solution seems to be like a one state solution with ISIS shaking up European attempts to ignore the middle east problem. 

Amos Oz like Chomsky seems to live in a world of their own, sure, a two state solution would be great, so would college education for every Palestinian, and in an ideal world, there would be no war, no violence, and John Lennon would be alive, and we would turn the words of “Imagine ” into reality, but it seems that a lot of writers and great thinkers seem to ignore other processes that are taking place not within their own psyche, and it seems to me that the greatest challenge Israel and other nations have is to be able to admit that there is a gap between the ideal and the reality; we would love to live in peace but there are fascist powers  that take over, and while we love our ideals , what can we do not to allow the fascist more power ? To admit that we love our ideals more than other people, that we do not really care if a person gets killed as long as we have not abandoned our ideals, and that is a difficult truth for many idealistic people to admit. 

For me life lived not in black and white but in compromise of ideals is the process of growing up and in moving towards a PBS sort of view, to expose some things we do not like to admit;the ugly face of racism, the African American struggle in inner city violence where there is no white police officer to accuse of all the shooting  deaths just this  past weekend  and no one marching in protest, because to admit that the demons might be inside and not outside demands a level of honesty no news network but PBS has and this is why it is the only place to be exposed to what is going on in the world through a team that treats women and minorities with respect by presenting them as intelligent people not barbie and ken dolls. 

On the PBS Trump will not be given too much air time but important issues will, but Obama will not be exposed either, for the back stabbing Judas he and the Clintons  have turned out to be for the liberals, because PBS too have their own bias, we all do. lets admit it, no one is without a bias , we all grow up and are raised in a certain atmosphere and not admit it, would be dishonest. 


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