Life at the institute for the very very nervous ( moments of married life) with MIL

MIL stands for Mother in law

ah, Nurse Diesel, how similar you were to that icon of a nurse dressed in ironed clothes , Germanic mannerism, Calvinistic spartan training and a constant lingering presence of someone who will report you to the head of the mental institution , in my case,( and not only in my case)  the most mentally disturbed of all- the glorified disturbed vicious heir.

I only had one but she reminded me so much of that fascist prison guard like nurse in “High anxiety” so sometimes when i recall the holidays’ high anxiety i remember my first and only MIL, she was a classic icon of a repressive superior being whose clothes were always ironed , and who was never ever caught off guard being human..not even once.

It is easy to laugh NOW, but spend a Christmas with” nurse Diesel “and you will be lucky if you ever get a fruit cup..or be able to escape with any sanity intact. 

Having been raised by a chaotic creative lunatic who would forget to place limits, leave me with records of children stories , and mostly alone without too many words of criticsm , unwashed and unbrushed,  i grew  up as a wild flower free to grow in every direction  as long as i kept away and far from  clashing too often with society, and so   it was a rather startling shock to have learned that there exists  mothers like my mother in law , the extreme opposite, who  tend to do quite the opposite of my own mother ;  brush their children’s hair till they scream, comply by strict social rules and discipline  if only for the pleasure of  being able to order people about  , constantly survey and supervise every movement of every person  in order to punish and place those not in their right place in their place , and  thus regail in militant montrosity meant to be maternal .


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