A Nest schiesser

A schiesser : A Liberal who lacks the ability to understand and interpret common sense; in other words: an idiot. Often times this type of person will react with preverbal nonsense to try and win an argument. And very similar to regular liberals this person will say you are bullying him or her to win an argument. Only a Schiesser takes it to the next extreme level and is known for bouts of rage, fist clenching, and insane crying.

The Swiss have a special name for people like Psychoanalyticer and writer Carlo Strenger;a nest schiesser-someone who dumps in the nest in which he lives.

Two whole pages 2 and 3 the Swiss daily paper “Tages Anzeiger”dedicated to an interview with Carlo Stranger who warns of an Israelisation of Europe.

The term “Israelisation” is used by Carlo Strenger , is the parallel to “islamisation” and refers to terror from terror.

People like Carlo Stranger are beloved by the mainstream Swiss media;he repeats the already existing sterotype of Jewish threat -however few the jews will always be seen as taking over finance and even an uneducated idiot like Hitler could tap into the European psyche with the key word “jewish”or “Israel “

For people like Carlo Stranger it is money in the bank,and what I think is the main motivation is empowerment through the publicity.

In Zurich ,Switzerland  from which  Carlo had emigrated, he was a small fish in a small tank,many  of the Jewish psychologists here are politically left leaning, sharply critical of Israel while they can remain blind to the middle East muddle ,not seeing the map and The dangerous neighborhood.

It has always been beyond my comprehension how human rights advocates can be so ignorant of the basic human rights of Jewish israelis and especially Jewish ones.

First of all I question whether therapists should be involved with politics and be so extreme?

It is not so much the political opinions as the reality of having to be there for their patients on a micro level ,neutralizing their opinions regarding politics but is it possible ?

I am at a stage of life when I feel I have witnessed too much  human  hypocrisy  encompassed in therapy;they are supposed to care about their patients so much yet the bills they add to already overanxious people or in countries like Switzerland  they connect to one’s health insurance and bleed it,some abuse pharmaceuticals and turn their clients or patients to addicts depending on their service,others just do not care and give mixed messages along with very expensive bills.

My mother ,blessed memory,who was not the most normative person on earth,had a fairly inexpensive  way of finding therapy;the Tel Aviv Carmel market offers friendly outgoing men whose family values and political opinions are common sense;they do not pretend to be politically correct,they see life from the point of view of a jungle dweller ,the one who does not want to get killed blown by bombs or slaughtered by the knives of the not so friendly neighbors.

Those man who sell fruit and vegetables and religious artifacts are deeply connected to their roots,their forefathers were forced to flee mostly Moslem lands and they have very simple and few rules according to which they live:

1)The children and family come first

2)Hashem-G-d-is the rules.

3)Benjamin Nethanyahu is king .

He makes them proud because he refuses to bow down to the so called liberal world which is not so liberal for Israelis.

4)A woman is a treasure to be admired.

They pay compliments.they flirt with charm.they will encourage,empower and you will leave with a bag full of pita bread,fresh fruit,flowers and a religious item;G-d is the king of the universe not the ego of the over publicized over educated nest schiessers hipsters who seek publicity constantly and claim to know all the answers . 

I love the Israeli market men because their view of life is very simple and as Science teaches us :simplicity is what makes the world go round and how science and nature works.

If someone wants to kill you ,there is no time for psychobabble or analysis,it is a game of survival.

I used to think Europe ,especially western Europe was a safe place,now I find myself confused.

So if radical Islam is sending people to murder Europeans in Christmas markets are Europeans supposed to pretend it is just a bad dream and analyze it on the couch of people like Carlo Strenger?

Trump’s victory proved that the media is indeed very biased and is not the voice of the simple working people but the voice of those like Carlo Stranger,psychoanalytic professional publicists who make money and build their own empowerment from the weakness of the prejudged European psyche preprogrammed to dislike the jews and feel empathy for a culture that they view as inferior to their and mistaken in their view of who is powerful in this world and in the world ruled by the laws of the jungle as is radical Islam,the strongest is the one who kills murders maims and takes over lands.

Seeing Israel as a land occupying empire is in sharp contrast to its tiny map.

When you wish to learn the energy of a people ask the uneducated unpoisoned by psycobabble people who live life in a simple way wishing to survive in the jungle and not pity the crocodile.

Winston Churchill had said that appeasing the enemy is like feeding the crocodile  hoping it won’t eat you.

Terror does not distinguish between liberal left and right wing political opinionated people,it is a vicious violent dark force that needs to be physically stopped and can be only stopped when Europeans give up a delusional view of a world where nonviolence wins without a strategic effort to detonate the big bomb tolerated by Obama and his over educated but extremely ignorant gang of dealers.

The world needs a healer but this will come only after radical Islam is put in its rightful place in its grave.

This is my opinion only but as long as I dwell amongst the Europeans publishing and promoting people like Carlo Stranger in places that still continue the Hitlerian utopian view of a Jewish free world ,I struggle to come up for air.

Switzerland is viewed as a paradise on earth by many but people like Carlo Strenger build their career destroying the Israeli nest they emigrated to ,and never mind why he chose to make Israel is home?but one wonders whether a man so strongly identified with European values of new blaming can indeed continue to thrive while sending  such a contradictory confusing messages?

While Carlo Strenger and his like minded publicizing friends who place Israel and the jews on the firing line and blame Israel for the conflict thrive in places like Switzerland, in the real world , the one that does not pretend to be neutral , people like Carlo Strenger are still small fish who only try to make waves but do not contribute for the well being of the large tank in which they dwell.

Professional therapists are perhaps the only human beings who thrive off cultivating weaknesses and shrinking and disempowering their clients/patients and Carlo Stranger is no exception.

consider this thought: There is a reason why pschotherapists are called SHRINKS

while attempting to shrink the patient’s problems too often  though not always and not every one of them ,  also shrink and dminish the patient.


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