below the law

concerning the UN resolution 

Dear law abiding representatives  of the United Nations ,

If the laws says 

i have no right to my country, 

but terrorist organisations have a legitimate right 

to wipe me and my country out, 

i am not defying the law and thinking 

i am above the law

it’s just that i think the law you quote 

is well below 

any level where i can see 

any reason to think that justice and peace 

and love of humanity

are the goals of your delegitimizing

my country , my people’s rights to live

and me

to be



The UN resolution for two states divided the territories between the jews and the Moslems , the Arab Moslems rejected the solution by declaring war on the jewish state and attempted time after time to destroy the state of Israel,  and at some point the United Nations became a collaborator of the Arab states who still do not wish for yet ANOTHER nondemocratic non human rights state in the middle east but wish to destroy the Jewish state by using the laws they make up and decide what is moral and what is desirable, that the Jewish state should put its six million jews at risk and give the Arab Moslems who surround the state with vast land, a better aim, and to this i and many others say: NO THANKS

we did not receive this land thanks to the United Nations declarations only but thanks to the effort of the Zionist movement that sought to reverse the European attempts to annihilate the Jews of the world, who make up less than one percent in population but more than their share in contribution to human dignity success in science, arts and human progress, and to this we say again simply  : no .


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