Shanna shall not be forgotten:Domestic violence is a crime !

Every woman is a sister, a daughter, a mother , a friend  , a soul 

Every child is  a son, a daughter, a niece, a nephew, a grandchild, a soul

our sisters, our daughters, our mothers, our friends,  our sons, our daughter , our nieces

and nephews whose souls touch our souls .

The light will come into our lives 

when we refuse to allow the darkness to be denied as darkness

and recognise domestic violence against women and children as crimes like any other

that should be punishable by law.

My intentions are not to bring bad news of the darkest facet of humanity; men who murder their partners and even their children but to bring into awareness just how often men murder women they marry and have children with in order that this will be talked about, discussed and in order to prevent any woman in the world being in the trap of a marriage to a  potential murderer and every violent man is a person causing some sort of destruction that must not be tolerated, put up with or ignored!

Just this past holiday weekend, there were at least two  cases of men murdering the mother of their child and the child; 

From  the horrific Texas murderer husband now caught by the police fleeing the scene , to the case that became famous when a teacher had a baby by a legally adult pupil, who had murdered both the woman and the child, and a horrific murder in Hawaii that comes to my attention though it happened this past spring. There are daily acts of domestic violence and murders that are swept under the rug of social acceptance through silence and this must end. now. 

UPDATE: The Honolulu medical examiner has identified the man who died in a fiery car crash on May 19 in Central Oahu. The man was Eric Filiaga, Sheryll Filiaga’s husband.

Two bizarre cases in Hawaii appear to be linked, and have Honolulu police investigating the murder of a 30-year-old woman whose husband, police believe, died in a separate fiery wreck.

According to Hawaii News Now, Sheryll Filiaga was found stabbed to death in her Honolulu apartment on May 21 while police were searching for the registered owner of an SUV involved in a fatal, single-vehicle crash two days earlier.

The 2011 Nissan Rogue, which was registered under Sheryll’s name, had been driven into a metal utility pole in central Oahu on May 19, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser. The SUV landed in a pineapple field where it burst into flames, burning the driver beyond recognition. Police suspect the driver was her 37-year-old husband Eric Filiaga and that he is responsible for his wife’s death. No other suspects are being considered for her murder case.

Members from Eric Filiaga’s family told KHON they hadn’t heard from him in a few weeks and were distraught over the news.

Court records show the couple married in 2008 and then divorced in January of 2013, but friends told the Honolulu Star Advertiser that they believed the couple remarried in February 2013 and were not aware of any problems in the relationship.

Melissa Padilla, who co-owns a Maui-based wedding planning company with Filiaga, told KHON Sheryll began working with her about nine months ago.

“I actually planned her wedding [last year],” Padilla said. “She doesn’t deserve this and it’s just devastating.”

The medical examiner said it will take about a week to confirm whether the man killed in the crash is, in fact, Eric Filiaga.
Sources identify Wahiawa crash, Makiki murder victims as husband, wife

Remember: domestic violence can be stopped only once society will recognise it as a crime and when individuals will be aware of what can happen when a man is allowed to  be violent to his family! 

This is absolutely awful. Police investigating the case of the mother & 3-month-old baby who were found with their throats slit in their Texas home, have finally arrested a murder suspect — the husband! Even crazier, the man tried to hinder the entire investigation and was caught speeding to Las Vegas with ‘condoms in his pocket!’

Craig Vandewege, 35, is accused of killing his wife Shanna Vandewege, 36, and their infant son, Diederik, 3 months, on Dec. 15 in Fort Worth, Texas! Craig, who told police he had come home from work to find his dead wife and baby with their throats slit in bed, was arrested for capital murder in connection with the killings on Dec. 21.


The warrant was for Capital Murder – Multiple Victims and was assigned a bond amount of $1,000,000! “Prior to bonding out on the charges from the Glenwood Springs Police Department Vandewege was held on the outstanding Capital Murder warrant from the Fort Worth Police Department,” the statement added.

And while this story is tragic enough, it gets even stranger as homicide detectives got a warrant for Craig after authorities in Colorado nabbed him for speeding, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. When he was pulled over by cops, Craig reportedly told police he had condoms in his pocket and that he was traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Earlier, Craig’s car was called in because it was missing a license plate. The caller who reported his vehicle also told the 911 dispatcher that the driver, believed to be Craig, claimed to be trying to escape the authorities. After he was pulled over, he reportedly told police, “It’s been a long week, my wife and kid were murdered in Texas.”

Craig then gave authorities an out-of-date insurance card and was later ordered to exit his vehicle but refused. He ended up getting out of the car about five minutes later and was handcuffed. He had two loaded pistols on his person and showed a concealed carry permit, a report suggests.

“I did not observe a wedding band on Craig’s left ring finger, but he stated a wedding ring was in his pocket along with numerous condoms,” a responding officer revealed. On top of his strange alleged escape, Craig had been greatly hindering his wife and son’s murder investigation.

In fact, on Dec. 19 when detectives were interviewing Craig, he told police he wanted to consult with his attorney before continuing. He reportedly stepped out to call his lawyer and never returned. “It’s standard and it’s normal for us to try to exclude people close [to the victim] before we can move on and look elsewhere,” detective Matt Barron had said. “It stalls our investigation if there’s somebody that close that says flat out, ‘No, I’m not going to do it.’”

The detective added, “Anyone we can’t eliminate is obviously a suspect until we can eliminate them. This extremely hinders our ability to move ahead and definitely hinders our ability to eliminate him.” And just two days later, Craig was arrested in connection with his family’s murder.


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