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Watch “Flavors of Israel – Jan. 30, 2017” on YouTube

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attached: the table

attached to this painted table  with its  delicate drawn  flowers  and its history of being a tree,  something stable and holding  containing in its stomach  sheets of papers, pots of paints,  s0 many colors running in the rain

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something exotically tasty : Pomegrante tabbouleh

Pomegranate Tabbouleh With Crunchy Falafel, Baba-G and Tahini Sauce Makes 18 to 20 falafel; serves 4 to 6 FOR THE FALAFEL ½ pound (1 cup) dried chickpeas, soaked overnight and drained ½ small Spanish yellow onion, coarsely chopped 4 garlic … Continue reading

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before the ban

In Iran had lived a large Jewish population , the Israeli Persian singer Rita is now also officially like many people  from Iran banned.  This musical concert is a reminder just how illogical it is to ban people from an entire land … Continue reading

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just because

Just because you have a phD does not mean you are not blind  like me,  occasionally we will meet on a path  to nowhere particularly ,  occasionally we will meet seeking  answers to the confusion that envelopes  both you and me  of … Continue reading

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The new Israel fund

The kind  veterinarian who had taken care of my dog, had proudly declared that he is attending a concert saturday night sponsered by the New Israel fund, that night i had attended a reading by the jewish american writer Jonathan safran foer … Continue reading

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what else do we expect from the KKK representative in the white house : denial of the holocaust

Yesterday i stumbled upon David Duke’s youtube channel concerning the Khazar theory, there was a speech so full of hate against jews, that i could not listen for more than a few seconds, it was overwhelming racist banter, the sort one can expect … Continue reading

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International Banning hate day

It was the anniversary of Kristalnacht, November 9th when the world woke up in shock, many in tears and fears, that Donald Trump had become president and to complete the circle , it was on Holocaust memorial day that Donald Trump … Continue reading

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ally also affected

  The Israeli broadcasting system has announced that Israelis will also be affected because of work visas H1  for specialists which will be limited and not permitted for those Israelis who want to be involved in Hitech. so much for … Continue reading

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music for anxious dogs- works for people too

  While i was away at a reading by Jonathan Safran Foer ,  i found this music  on the internet, i am not sure how they select the music, but contrary to previous attempts at music for cleaning, music for … Continue reading

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