a new year with new resolutions

2014 When i was in the international sivananda yoga  teachers training in France, 

even the head of the yoga center spoke against the war , supporting the violent demonstrations , but i had been following the news and knew that it can not be that the IDF would target civilians.

it seemed to me , as evidence proved , that the side attacking Israel was using children as human shields, as evidence exposed by the  IDF of rockets shot from schools and hospitals deliberately proved, the terror tunnel system built by EU money  but the world wanted to believe what it had for centuries said about jews and blamed Israel for the most part for disturbing the peace even though this war was initiated by the terror organisations that run Gaza.This came as no surprise to me, the terror without any goal but violence had been going on for as long as i could remember, but Europe who had cooperated with the Nazis and Europe that had fought the nazis, was now not neutral , nor could anyone truly be neutral to what had occurred in the middle east. 

where would we be if the allies had not liberated France during ww2? i had asked when the head of the Yoga centre spoke about pacifism, which i support to some extent but not as sucidial , why would anyone allow others to murder them ?

There was a yoga teacher from Belgium who worked for the UN and was not neutral at all, in fact no one was on the side of Israel, and it was a difficult time to be in France , the truth came out later when France was under attack but still now ,it is not self defense is not  acceptable and a recent article in the Swiss paper warns of an Israelisation of Europe, the article was written by a writer who emigrated to israel and publishes articles against a military reaction to terrorists ..the Swiss press publishes him regulary and gives him front page space, space that should have been devoted to the massacres in Syria that directly caused the refugee crisis but are ignored, who speaks of all those atrocities? The UN watch group are the only hope that hypcocricy like the focus on Israel and ignoring of Syrian massacred of their own civiilians are at least exposed because the media is indeed biased and not neutral, just as people who present themselves as neutral are not neutral, the UN watch group exposes the placement of Syria on the human rights committee allowing Syria to sweep under the carpet the massacres of civilians while blaming Israel for human rights violations. 

The UN watch group is the only balancing group in an organisation that is biased and gives disproportional power of judging and deciding on resolutions  to countries with fascist human rights violations ; executions and abuse of women ; Iran, saudi Arabia and the Arab league-while Europe supports and deals with  these countries , nothing is done to expose the terror supporting union  except  thanks  the UN watch .



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