why i do not plan to read “Mein Kampf”

Did Germans buy  “Mein Kampf”  for their loved ones  for christmas  this year?

A BBC report findings may reveal this grotesque possibility ..
“A new edition of Adolf Hitler’s antisemitic manifesto Mein Kampf has once again become a bestseller in German bookstores, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Over 85,000 copies have been sold since its re-release last year, with publisher Andreas Wirsching telling the the British broadcaster that “the figures have overwhelmed us.”

The new copies, set for a sixth print run, include critical notes by scholars. The book also features a plain white cover due to German laws banning Nazi-era symbols such as the swastika.


Meanwhile, Jewish groups in Germany have denounced the inflammatory book, which sold 4,000 copies during its first print run at the beginning of 2016.

Mein Kampf [My Struggle in German] was first published in 1925, eight years before Hitler rose to power. At the time, the infamous text became wildly successful, selling 12 million copies in Germany before the end of World War II, according to Reuters.

Publisher Andreas WirschingPublisher Andreas Wirsching

The Munich-based publishing house Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) had decided to place the anti-Jewish screed back on the market after its 70-year copywrite expired on January 1, 2016, allowing it to be published in the country for the first time since the late 1940s.

IfZ director Wirsching later told German news agency DPA that he was hopeful talented educators would use the book as a warning against “repeating the absurd 1950s discussion, when people said ‘it was all Hitler’s fault.'”

He added that the the scholarly edition was a way to preempt any Nazi sympathizers from releasing Mein Kampf without its critical annotations.

“It would be irresponsible to just let this text spread arbitrarily,” he told DPA.”

-The Jerusalem post

Dr. Martin Luther king jr. said that you can not drive away darkness with hatred. 

It does not make sense to teach about racism by publishing a racist pamphlet that  is the work of a mentally disturbed manipulator dictator .

Another book that became quite popular and translated was “look who’s back?” , at first i bought the German edition to give my son as  a way to learn about history , but after i had began to  read it, i began to see that it is some sort of cynical satire about the German media and the  use of  time travelling Hitler as a  media star in modern times. …is it really a legitimate source of humour?i found it a bit in poor taste but then again the writer is German and the target reader is German, so is this what Germans find amusing ? the  Austrian leader that turned  had Germans into enthusiastic butchers and sadistic racists ?

There was a Time special edition about Hitler  i noticed as i was browsing through the local German media last time i was in Germany, as if indeed he was a media star. 

Who is buying this racist pamphlet ? one wonders 

With the new immigrants from the middle east where the holocaust is taught as a n example to follow and antisemitism is part of the education program in many countries , you wonder who had the idea that publishing hate incitement is what the Germans need or anyone. 

Many, include me , say that Germany is the most liberal society in Europe and yet around holocaust memorial day, i walked around one evening seeking to talk about the holocaust only to have met with an attitude of anger that i even dare to bring up the painful past, which makes me suspect that there are many demons still in that pandora box yet to be opened… 

Just this fall a Swiss city neighbouring Germany hosted a hate festival that included antisemitic lyrics to rock hate concert that took place in switzerland because German anti racism laws do not allow such events to take place. 

Correct me if i am wrong but it seems to me that in order to prevent racism one has to use material that contains information about how a tolerant non racist society can work not a repetition of how a society can be incited towards hate by re studying the past words of hate inciting for violence that led to the Jewish genocide in Europe. 

If anyone were to distribute literature calling for the hate of Moslems in Germany there would be an uproar but is hate not hate no matter who the subject is? 

why is Antisemitism tolerated more than Islamophobia or hate of any other ethnic group? Is it because in Germany there are many who never learned anything else ? 


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