Siberian supper

The Russian-Ukranian roots dictate:


A  nice Borscht soup for supper
(Some may add cream)

A quick easy Recipie for the busy /lazy or both  : 

of course you are welcome to buy the beet, peel,  dice it  to cubes and cook and that works well too..but your hands will be bright red as well as everything you touch in the kitchen , and the stains will never go away.. so here is another option ;

Buy ready made  borscht soup in the supermarket , the quality of the ready made not in a  can but those in a pricey  plastic container is worth the added cost  !

My mother taught me never to buy canned food if you can avoid it and also to cook everything fresh and not to buy ready made food but then again we are in  the spoiled refrigedered produce  west …

The advantage of the  East European kitchen is that the ingredients are dirt cheap, a vegetables they pulled out of the frozen earth and cooked but for the spoiled westerners here is another option

( with Russians emigrating all over , there is Borscht now on the swiss supermarket  shelves)

Open the package

Either heat up ( my choice)

or serve cold





I add Swiss  wholewheat crackers with pumpkin seeds!


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