Difficult to accept 

When Donald  Trump was elected it was difficult to accept but at least there was some comfort in hoping at last the tiny Jewish state demonized and accused of struggling to survive against all odds in one of the most hostile violent place in the world ,would finally receive some support instead of a constant undermining .

Israel ,for the benefit of those not familiar,is a tiny sliver of a land given to the jews after their homes were taken over by the Nazis with almost full cooperation of almost every European nation.

It was not an act of generosity that Rehomed the jews but crumbs thrown at the jews who under a democratic international tribunal could have gotten their businesses homes and lands back from the criminals however the U.N. got a good deal;the jews would leave Europe alone to enjoy their bounty while the jews got a tiny homeland that was theirs but had been occupied for centuries but various regimes.

The neighboring Moslems objected to this solution since a Jewish state would be against the laws of racism established by their culture where non Moslems and various Moslems who are not “the right type” were unwanted citizens.

The  majority of Jews had  left their homes in the Moslem countries and the European jews who managed to survive the genocide and many had indeed  made their way to the middle East.their ancient homeland not occupied native american land,not colonised empirical land but an ancient land in constant mention throughout centuries.

An army was established despite attempts to interfere,a democratic country unique to the middle East began to grow and succeed while it’s neighbors focused on how to destroy it.

Today a 19 year old  Israeli soldier was convicted of shooting a Moslem terrorist not unlike the terrorist in Istanbul,Paris,Berlin,Belgium and who knows where next?


While one may question just what had happened this was clearly  not the case of shooting a nonviolent civilian carrying fruit to the market or going to work in an office ,the man shot held a knife ,a weapon,and had stabbed and injured a soldier,he was already shot and as evidence proved was ALREADY DEAD when another  soldier had shot him.

The  trial was seeking justice for a DEAD  man who had attacked with a knife ended with an astonishing verdict today.

The soldier who had shot a DEAD man  who had been already shot after attempting  to stab to death a soldier ,was convicted of manslaughter. 

This trial was not seeking Justice because what justice can be found in putting on trial a 19 year old soldier who had shot a dead terrorist? but it was a show trial for the benefit of those seeking to punish soldiers for trying to defend other soldiers and civilians.

The media who had sadly   lost the American elections in US, had won a show trial  in Israel having placed  on trial those who support the right of a soldier to shoot ,let’s not forget, a dead terrorist.

Violence is a choice unless a person  has a medical condition,so any violebt person should know that there is a risk to their decision,they might end up dead -shot by police or army ,but the trial in Israel  is meant to appease the media and the public opinion that opposes a Jewish state in the middle East,how else would they explain that shooting someone who tries to murder people with a KNIFE- not a pencil- is considered manslaughter?

The conviction of  the Israeli soldier Azarya sends a clear message that trying to murder a Jewish Israeli is not considered a crime worthy of shooting in self defense.

The guidelines might have been to proceed with caution but the man had a knife and stabbed, if these intentions are not clear ,I suggest considering how anyone else would have acted if anyonr  had tried to stab them with a knife.

The conviction stated the terrorist was UNARMED,maybe since he dropped the knife after he used it to stab the other soldier but now the family of the terrorist express fear the soldier might be free..

This  sort of justice when shooting  a man stabbing is considered a violent act means every soldier in the Israeli army must bring a lawyer with him to the battle field.

I wonder how the man who documented the shooting just happened to have been there and why the stabbing scene was edited or ignored.

Any mother sending her son or daughter to the Israeli army should tell her son or daughter to protect themselves and others first and if they find themselves in trial ,they can find comfort they are not like many other Israelis buried while the terrorists celebrate and receive payment from terror organizations hiding behind charities  paid by the U.N. and EU.

The circle closes;jewish lives do not matter.jews have no right for self defense. 

And as king Solomon had  said :

“There is nothing new under the sun”

But even so we must not accept racism which is  behind a conviction of Israeli jews who are guilty of shooting an already dead terrorist whose actions indicate racial hate.


If the law dictates  a soldier must risk his life, the terrorist could have detonated explosives,he was dressed suspiciously covered,and spare the life of a murderer attempting to murder then the law does not consider Israeli Jewish lives matter and it is not a law anyone who wishes to live can keep.

Take no risks,shoot anyone trying to murder you ,should be the message but end up in prison for shooting an already dead terrorist because Israel needs to  appease a world that prefers to punish the Israelis and reward the Palestinians with limitless  freedom to use violence and to establish another terror ruled state  in the brutal neighberhood in the middle East.


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