The ABC of education is limits!!!!

I started  off my  snowy slippery path with certain basic expectations;

The appointment  I  had made would mean people there picking up the phone or responding!

But nothing ever prepares me for the 

Way things turned out with people

Who play around with my time,

I assume,a wrong assumption as it turns out..

Not only do not pick up the phone

But do not take responsibility 

For an appointment  made,

I  wished to change the place of meeting,

But no response..

“Forgive them  they do not know

What they are doing”

Said the man who claimed to be

Son of God,

But actually we are all children

Just some insist on behaving in 

A difficult way

Taking no responsibility ..

That is when I decide to stop being

A carpet

And giving limits.

Our time in earth is limited

Let no one spend it being a mouse

Played by cruel cats

Even if they are kittens

Especially kittens,.

Let children too learn

There is a limit to the patience

Of a parent.

Parents are people too!


It was a misunderstanding so never mind!

Writing is a good way of letting go of anger.

Hitting would be a bad choice 

But words once said or written can not be taken back  But if their intention is clearly to express fraustration,no real harm was  done..


About seagullsea

a seagull flying over the great ocean of life observing.
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