The stupidest Swiss  laws 

1.whoever Parks  their car without having driven in traffic ,can receive a fine of 40 franks.

2.60 franks fine one can get for leaving the keys in the car.

3.From 22.00 to 7.00 it is not allowed to slam a car door,a motorcycle low or close loudly luggage.

4.loud neighbors must warn the other renters.loud noise during the night is forbidden.

5.when you live in ground floor you are not allowed to flush the toilet during those late hours.

6.In many Kantons it is not allowed to dance during religious holidays like Easter Sunday.

7.In Appenzell there is a law against nude hiking.

8.In Zurich it is not allowed to release  caught  fish if they are larger than a particular length.

9.It is permitted to eat dogs in your own home  but if you  invite guests to eat them you will get a fine.

10.Lamas must be raised not alone.Donkeys can not be counted.

In 2010 there was a scandal  when a farmer had to slaughter his lama because of this rule.
Good luck!

source :”NZZ”-swiss daily  newspaper


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